District Komiks: Restaurant That’s Worth The Trip To Antipolo

district komiks

If you live in Antipolo you know that there are various restaurants you could visit for a nice meal. District Komiks is surely one that tops the list because it is renowned for their service with a smile and vast range of scrumptious food.

district komiks

The restaurant itself is really attention-grabbing as there are comics all over the walls. The colourful popular characters will surely attract your attention as you walk by and you will also enjoy looking at them while eating.

district komiks

If you like to dine in a restaurant with a unique interior, then District Komiks is surely the place to go to!

district komiks

But at times you really wish you could enjoy a meal that you do not need to prepare yourself, but you just cannot make yourself go out in traffic, try to find a parking space and walk all the way to a restaurant. But what if I were to tell you that you can have delicious Filipino and Mediterranean food come straight to you?

district komiks

This is truly possible with District Komiks’ latest dining service in Antipolo – a moving kitchen within a minivan that will come to your location with some of the most delicious sandwiches, snacks and desserts! It couldn’t be better or more convenient surely!

District Komiks launched this innovative restaurant on wheels last December 2017. The light blue van is nicely painted and decorated, and it surely catches one’s attention. And once you try out the food served you are surely going to love it even more.

The District Komiks minivan will be moving throughout Antipolo and so if you are in the area you should surely try it out as you won’t be disappointed.

district komiks

District Komiks is one of the most innovative dining options in Antipolo – both when it comes to the restaurant, and their groovy minivan! Yes, District Komiks is one of the best Antipolo restaurants.


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